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Laser Applications: Galvo scanners reach megahertz-scale range repetition rates for laser micromachining



FTMC, CRF, Bioage

Fiat 500 dashboard demonstrator



Ultra-short, ultra-fast and ultra-precise laser machining by a new synchronisation technique



Mold texturing

Control software



Large-area micro and nano-texturing of plane and cylindrical surfaces with high repetition ultra-short laser pulses


Ekspla, Next Scan and FTMC

High power, speed and precision processing with picosecond laser and polygon scanner



Laser direct writing for flexible electronics and photovoltaics



Real time in-line monitoring in laser surface processing applications

Real time in-line monitoring integration test results



Innofluence S.L. ( - is a spin-off of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) incorporated in the second semester of 2015 with the aim of creating value commercializing systems for advanced 3D bioprinting techniques based in laser technology and with key applications in tissue engineering, cell sorting and drug delivery markets. Innofluence was founded by researchers from the Centro Laser of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in collaboration with laser engineers with a wide experience in the optoelectronic market.



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